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Fintech and Startups_

The FinTech world moves with greater speed and agility when compared to the traditional, brick and mortar financial institutions. Though many FinTech companies target particular segments (e.g. digital lending, payment systems, digital wealth management, etc.), there are fundamental considerations given the sector relies on a digital framework and consumer base. FinTech solutions require a specific focus on mobile portability, personalization of services, convenience, and keeping pace with rapidly shifting technologies. As FinTech continues to expand, so will the regulatory compliance challenges that conventional banks and financial companies also face.

Given our extensive history in devising digital solutions for the finance industry, we understand the demands of a mobile driven consumer base. Quick scalability and continuous innovation to stay ahead of the rapidly expanding competition are FinTech essentials.

A majority of both established FinTech enterprises and the younger start-ups maintain a lean and highly specialized staff, with less physical infrastructure such as buildings or ATMs. Therefore, your needs in FinTech are different, not only from traditional banks, but also in comparison to other FinTech companies.

On the cutting edge of FinTech software development, we’re always on top the latest movements within the FinTech industry. Whether you are testing the market with a small MVP, needing to expose a set of APIs or ready to scale up into a full suite of service offerings, our team is ready to help you get there. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you get the jump on your competition.

Our services_

Mobile Application Development
For FinTech Companies_

We develop high performance, reliable FinTech applications. FinTech is the newest evolution within the financial services sector and includes anything from lending apps and automated investing to accessing and exchanging cryptocurrency. While some of the financial services provided might overlap with the traditional banking institutions, the need for a fast, secure, and stable mobile application has greater urgency for a FinTech company.

The React Native framework perfectly aligns with the unique needs of FinTech. Whether you need an app for a Blockchain Bitcoin wallet or for a payment processing platform, we will develop and deploy a tailor made mobile banking app which helps boost your ROI. You’ll simultaneously save money, time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Rapid MVP Prototyping_

Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you transform your idea into an application that fills a niche in the market.
Getting a prototype to your end users as fast as possible is necessary so you can meet their needs on demand. You also need to ensure that, at a minimum, the application is fully functional, fast, and receive timely feedback from the end users. We are experts at rapidly developing and implementing your minimum viable (NVP) digital product. We will collaborate with you on the essential set of features needed for the financial services customer. Once launched, and we’ve received feedback regarding the features, we will then fine tune the application to additional specifications.


01.MVP Benefits_
  • Faster time-to-market.
  • Improves accuracy and user satisfaction.
  • Ensures the digital product operates as designe.
02.Our MVP Process_
  • Collaborate on essential MVP digital product features.
  • Determine technological parameters.
  • Test and analyze performance issues.
  • Launch MVP to a small population sample.
  • Fine tune based on feedback.

Scaling up_
your existing application

Mobile applications are becoming the primary way that you reach out to new customers while retaining your loyal consumer base. FinTech companies have more agility in scaling their enterprise when compared to the brick and mortar banks. The Digital Era has removed the old barriers to entering the financial services market.
Because of this, the likelihood of competitors entering the market, who provide better and faster services, is increasing. Mobile applications offer greater flexibility in quickly scaling your enterprise.
As veterans in the mobile banking application development industry, we understand the growing pains associated with the pressure to scale quickly.


We provide iterative solutions for scaling from your MVP to a fully fledged application that can then be distributed to the general public:

  • Retool and fine tune the features for large scale deployment.
  • UX/UI redesign.
  • Simple team scaling.
  • Re-analysis of back-end infrastructure (e.g. app server limitations, database queries, number of external dependencies, etc.)

Success Stories

For the past ten years, members of our team have been focusing on Banking IT industry and providing our services to banks, financial organisations and FinTech startups.