Implementation of PSD2 open banking API platform at your Bank

We offer rapid deployment of PSD2 compliant APIs based on our flexible
Open Banking Platform.

Benefits to the Banks



Metryus PSD2 ready open banking API platform enables quick deployment of APIs, lowering development costs for PSD2 API build and allowing the bank or PSP Provider to jumpstart their compliance.


PSD2 implementation team of IT experts. We perform PSD2 implementation and integration development, using robust, secure and efficient technologies. As a result you will get full digital API banking layer.


Post Go-live support and additional enhancement development. We take care of any changes or evolutions of the APIs. Your open banking PSD2 APIs is our job. Let’s begin!

Key advantages of our solution

Our open banking API platform is a high load fault-tolerance distributed system. It has the Microservices architecture and implements the Event-driven pattern.
  • Can be horizontally scalable without limits - gives the ability to increase capacity by connecting multiple hardware or software entities.
  • Easy integration and automatic deployment using open-source continuous integration tools such as Jenkins.
  • PSD2 platform components can be updated independently what minimise deployment time.
  • Security - provides user authentication and authorization by OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • Improved fault isolation - larger applications can remain largely unaffected by the failure of a single service.
  • Components are responsible for a well-defined business function - “Do one thing and do it well”.
  • Improved testability - allows the business to mitigate implementation risks.
  • Support big data processing with a high level of performance.

APIs as a link in a “customer-bank” relationship


PSD2 is a driver for new technologies and services, answering the call to “commoditise” banking and promote competition.  Its implementation will cease the banks’ monopoly on their customer’s account information and payment services, at the same time enabling both new external providers and incumbent banks in broadening their offerings.


Implementation of PSD2 may cause some uncertainties to the bank, both in terms of business and technology, as some of the current systems may not have the capability to be “opened-up” to the external environment. PSD2 pre-ready platform by Metryus allows the Banks to solve the technological challenge with ease, and will enable them to focus on the business aspect of using new open banking opportunities.


With our experienced team of software developers who specialize in the creation and implementation of software for the banking and FinTech sectors, Metryus helps financial services enterprises boost their competitive edge with the power of latest mobile technologies. Using our mobile app solution, you are able to provide a better customer banking experience through flexible and convenient delivery of essential banking operations directly from a customer’s mobile device.