Financial Back-End Framework

Our Financial Back-End Framework will enable your business to run

Back-End serves as the foundation for all other components and allows to combine products, process transactions, add business logic and administer multiple services in a united and unified manner.

Mobile apps are meaningless without the data, processes, and systems that connect users with the information they need. However, building those connections can be a challenge. As much as 50% of an app’s development time is spent on back-end integrations, slowing down time to market and cannibalizing developers’ time, and those integrations don’t always work the way they should.

In the new digital age, most services are commoditised through SaaS, hence it is no longer needed to purchase, install, or develop in-house product processors systems (solutions like card processing, account management, payment initiation, KYC & AML, credit scoring, check cashing, and so forth).

Efficient digital challengers in financial services often choose to combine services from multiple external providers, packaging them in their unique way. The “packaging” process requires a flexible yet powerful back-end integration platform which we can provide.

Back End Engine Back End Engine Back End Engine

Financial Back-End Framework from Metryus

Is pre-designed, meaning that a lot of components and services already exist in the solution, and most of the effort goes into the adaptation of interfaces and business logic.

Some of the existing services of our Financial Back-End Framework

Financial Back-End Framework from Metryus has a set of core services that enable the quick launch of platform development according to business requirements.

  • Gateway - composes API from all microservices and does load balancing between multiple microservices nodes.
  • Discovery Service – collects and provides network information about all microservices.
  • Config Service – provides configurations to all microservices.
  • Log Service – collects system logs.
  • Business Services - handle business processes.
  • AMQP Message Broker – messages queueing and exchanging server.

Business Services

The business microservices are pre-designed for operations in banking / financial business domain, but is easily configurable and expandable to be tailored to a specific business case. Here are some examples of pre-designed business microservices:

  • Authorization service – provides user authentication and authorisation by OAuth 2.0 protocol and optional OTP verification (could be configured for each user)
  • OTP service – provides OTP generation and verifying mechanisms.
  • Message service – sends system and users messages via different channels (email, SMS, social networks etc.)
  • Content service – provides localised static contents.
  • Localisation service – provides localisations for labels and error messages.


You can focus on improving your product and services while our team takes care of your platform. There are numerous benefits to using our Financial Back-End Framework rather than “doing it yourself”.

  • Affordability - One of our prior goal is make our system affordable for client. For that purpose, we are using only mature open source technologies with active communities support.
  • Cost Efficiency - We make system exactly for your business, that why we don`t use pre-defined domain-specific components. But even in that case, we build your back-end in the most effective way, using non-domain specific components and a bunch of different developers tools designed especially for our back-end framework.
  • Security - On top of our system qualities is a securing your customers and their data. We reach that with several important strategies, some of those: OAuth 2.0 authorization, always the latest version of Spring Security Framework, hashing/encrypting user sensitive data with a strong algorithm (BCrypt one of them).
  • Overall System Performance - Our back-end framework has been built on high-load components and actively uses message queues. That made possible to serve a big amount of requests without "Denial of Service".
  • Scalability - Our back-end framework has been built with microservices architecture style. That bring to you a non-restricted possibilities to horizontal growth.
  • Configurability - All system configurations would be in one place. No more painful configuring of huge amount microservices components. Also, that place has a version controlling (thank you GIT) and secured by encryption.

Technologies used

We provide a comprehensive and powerful Financial Back-End Framework to provide and manage customer interactions across various digital channels.

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud
  • Spring Security OAuth (OAuth 2.0)
  • Project Reactor
  • Hazelcast
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • ELK Stack
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • RabbitMQ