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Select the items below which best describe your desired product. All estimates are approximate but should give you a rough idea of what it will take to build your app.
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List of core product features and unique differentiators
Product features are characteristics of your product that describe its appearance, components, and capabilities. A product feature is a slice of business functionality that has a corresponding benefit or set of benefits for that product's end user. A feature set can best be summarized as a written document that lists the specifications of a product. It includes the list of features that together make a product.
List of competitors or products with similar functionality
An answer to "How do you compare to your competitors?”. Knowing who your competitors are, and what they are offering, can help you to make your products, services and marketing stand out. The result of your competitors research and references to similar solutions.
Moodboard and/or design references
A mood board is a collection of textures and images related to design and used as a reference point. Mood boards help others to 'get inside our heads' as they show what you're thinking and feeling about a creative idea. References to websites or mobile apps that you like are also good to understand your vision mood.
Business flow diagram
Visual representation of business flows and process inside the solution and interaction with third-party systems (systems that you want your solution to be integrated/connected to). Business processes are the blueprint of activities that need to be performed. By creating a visual representation of a business process before actually creating it, you can get a much better idea of how the process will perform and optimize it further to make it more efficient.
Lo-Fidelity Wireframe Designs
Building a house without careful planning is possible, but that doesn't mean it’s a good idea. The same applies to the world of software design. Low-fidelity wireframes are kind of a starting point for a designer’s mindset to work on a layout as well as a content writer’s thoughts on content length and hierarchical frame. A wireframe is the first visual representation of the design of a solution. It ensures that all get a clear understanding of the functionalities and designs that the software needs to support. Low fidelity wireframes include the most basic content and visuals.
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Select the type of application
WEB (Mobile Responsive)
Users will primarily interact using a WEB browser
Users will primarily interact with the application using a mobile app
I want users of my app to interact both via web browser and mobile app right from the start
Select the type of project
Business Flow and/or Design Only
I need help elaborating the design and business processes, and will take it from there myself
I need to have a demonstrable prototype with generic data to show my product to potential users and investors
I want a working MVP capable of executing key functions of my app. (This option requires back-end integration with data-sources, which have to be clearly identified and available)
Full Product
I need 100% of features and functionality to be delivered to users from Day 1 (This option requires back-end integration with data-sources, which have to be clearly identified and available).
Please select all items that are ready and available for review
If something from the above is not available, do you expect to complete it yourself or will require our support doing it?
Please select the type of UX/UI design that you need
I am happy to use generic design wireframes tailored to my needs in order to speed up the project
I need research-based UX/UI or a design that will make my app stand out from the rest
When do you plan to start development?
0-1 Month
2-3 Months
Longer than 3 months
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