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Internet Banking for International Bank of Azerbaijan

International Bank of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan, Russia, UK). Domain - Banking, personal finances.

Fintech and Startups
  • International Bank of Azerbaijan is a Largest bank in the country and region by assets and has 1+ million clients.Invest in best of breed Core Banking and Omni - Channel Software. Started digital transformation project to change it’s positioning from traditional to modern digital bank.
  • For enhancing clients servicing it was necessary to provide tailored made modern online banking for the web and mobile channels. The application should contain basic banking and payment functions, including management of cards, accounts, loans, deposits and various types of money transfers as well information and support functions.
  • Results delivered by Metryus:
    - Mobile & WEB banking app (UX/UI design).
  • Project Status: Delivered in Production in 2017.

Initial Stage

At the initial stage, we focused on wireframes and mockups to build the skeleton and the skin of future design prototypes. Mind Maps is a powerful tool that helps us to get 360 views on processes and flows and to understand the scope. The benefit lies in visualizing the structure of a concept.


Dashboard — is the main page with crucial information important for the user at the moment he is looking at it and fast and simple way to navigate directly to various areas and tools of the internet banking. The main goal was to provide end-user with Information + Action environment to manage personal finances.
•   Make it Simple
•   Reveal details as needed
•   Vizualize data

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Mobile Banking App

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Bank's products

Simple manege your loans and deposits

Money Transfer

We inherited the main ideas and approaches from the Main Dashboard for functional domains of internet banking and applied similar navigation design patterns across different business flows. Make funds transfer simple and fast with one drag and drop method.

  • Card to card
  • Card to account
  • Deposit withdrawal
  • Loan replenishment
Screen transfer
Screen transfer

Mobile app for your startup

Web app development

Product design

MVP development

System integration

Our offer includes next parameters:


Type of project - MVP


UX/UI Design - Basic


Project timeline - 2-3 Months

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Screen transfer

Utility payments

Challenge with utility payments lies in different payment forms and data set that utility payment providers have. We tried to unify as much as possible payments for different services to prevent end-user from playing payment brainteaser.

  • Utility
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Mobile
Screen transfer