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Introducing CAVU: Our Mobile App Starter Kit is a Fintech Gamechanger

Nov 28, 2019, by Vitalii Gerzhan

Getting a mortgage. Paying student loans. Paying salaries to temporary workers. Selling insurance. Starting a loyalty program with e-wallet integration. Payments and money remittance.

All these financial services - and many more - could soon only be available online.

Imagine. A client’s laptop or phone is the service point, with unrestricted access and immediate execution. Well, with massive investment in Fintech in 2020, a window of opportunity will open to both providers and consumers.

And this means you can expect to see further disruption and innovation through open banking technologies and integration in the next 12 months.

Why is this important?

Let's assume that you have an idea to establish a digital bank. Your target market is SMEs, and you have a key set of services: account, invoice management, tax management, and transfers.

Do you need a license? Yes, if you don't have a partner with a proper license.

But do you need a core banking solution? With the way the Fintech industry is shaping up, the answer is almost certainly no. You can source a service vendor and build an integration, allowing you to focus on service, and not on technology.

This means a lower barrier to entry to Fintech

Now, we're not saying building a Fintech solution is easy. But it's getting easier.

You'll still have to plan and execute the product development (be it a mobile or web app) as well as integrate with third-party systems, such as core banking, payments processing, onboarding, etc.

And there's no one-size-fits-all approach, because these products are unique in how they work, both alone and together.

Yet, there is a way to speed up the development process for mobile apps, and decrease project budget as a result. That’s why we've created CAVU. It's a mobile app starter kit with financial business modules preset.

Let's return to the idea of a digital bank for small businesses. We can take CAVU, tune existing modules, develop new modules according to business needs, restyle or even add new user interface and finally build integration with back-end and third-party systems (where all business magic happens).

Voila! A new mobile business banking app is on the market and serving clients.

CAVU - Mobile App Starter Kit is a Fintech Gamechanger

Dramatically cut product development time

Mobile banking apps. Digital wallets. Loyalty apps for retail businesses. Personal finance management apps. Investment mobile applications. You can build all these (and more) faster using our CAVU mobile app starter kit.

And this approach to product development has its benefits:

  • You get the freedom to develop your custom product with a specific set of services that you want.
  • You don't have the platform limitations that you often encounter with "out of the box" solutions.
  • You can add functionality from the very beginning. This lets you test your product faster. Verify your idea, harvest feedback from users, make some fine-tuning, and repeat.

As a result, you have a well-developed user experience and user interface, a custom-crafted mobile app that serves your clients in the way you envisaged, and of course, you save money by using the ready-made components in the starter kit.

Want to find out more? Try CAVU demo app on your phone.